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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Sometime over the last couple of days I hit 10,000 views/listens for my mashups when aggregated across the different platforms.  Compared to some, that's small potatoes, but for me it represents a bit of a milestone. 3 months (ish) of putting this stuff online and very little in the way of promotion (I don't do facebook or myspace, bebo etc. I don't have 5,000 'friends' and I rarely tweet)

So I reckon 10,000 views is enough to be statistically relevant for me to paint a picture of my typical viewer/listener.  Youtube offers the best stats, and although not everything I have is on youtube (some is duplicated on officialfm and some is only on vimeo) and I'll just have to guess my non-youtube views/listens are pretty similar.

Based on the stats, you are as follows:

1) 80% likely to be male, so lets just say you are a man in touch with your feminine side

2) You are most likely in your 40's

3) You are twice as likely to be European as you are North American, and unfortunately very much less likely to be from anywhere else.  Let's say you speak with a mid-atlantic accent and spend most of your time in Europe.

4) Given approximately 40% of my views/listens are for the Genesis vs Katy Perry mashup, that ties in nicely with the other stats i.e. you are old enough to have enjoyed Invisible Touch (and probably Genesis in general) when it was originally out, and also given your age and potential for mid-life crisis, well... let's just say Katy Perry is quite easy on the eye in that video.

Did I describe you? I reckon 1, 2, and 4 are a good fit, but 3 might be pushing it a bit.

Next milestone - 100,000 views/listens but to get to that I'm going to have start churning out those mashups again... watch this space.