Latest video mashup: Lily Allen vs Example - "Kickstarts Fear" (yeah I know it's an oldie now and I really should do something new)

Monday, 9 May 2011

A Small Hiatus

I hate blogs that go all quiet after a while and I am determined that will not be the case here, but I'm taking a little time out to catch up with a few other things.  Fear not, more mashup goodness will be on its way in a few weeks or so; in fact I've got a dozen new mashups lined up and ready to work on, just very much at the "Work In Progress" stage (including a request - probably the first and last one I'll do!!)

If you haven't noticed, I have started a poll (see the righthand sidebar) about whether a video is essential for a mashup.  The downside of having the pressure to do a video, is that it can limit the options on the audio side if there simply isn't a video available.  For me, it's all about the music, but I recognise that people want to see a video these days and have done since MTV popped up on our screens.

Please vote and let me know what you think.